Kingdom of Phynix is now 1.2.5

The Kingdom of Phynix Minecraft Sever Forum is now 1.2.5.
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 What is The Kingdom Of Phynix?

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PostSubject: What is The Kingdom Of Phynix?   Sat Mar 10, 2012 12:06 am

Kingdom Of Phynix

The Kingdom Of Phynix is a Faction Role Playing server. It is based on good and the bad knights, to become a Knight or Templar knight you need to become a guard of a templar Kingdom and then be promoted to Knight or Templar by the King, Queen Or Princess, Prince.

More Info:
1.[Click Here] For Information About Other Ranks what they do.
2.[Click Here] For Information About Donator Ranks.
3.[Click Here] On How you can apply to become certain ranks such as Knight and Templar
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What is The Kingdom Of Phynix?
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